NEW JERSEY Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem, isn’t a place.


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Achieving AI Goals

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Accelerating AI Goals


New Jersey Artificial Intelligence Exchange is a Government to Grassroots AI value network leveraging AI centers of excellence.

Verified Madinah Artificial Intelligence stakeholders can now achieve your goals via exchange.  We are the starting point for your AI ambitions.

Academic Merit in AI

We are bringing academic merit back to artificial intelligence ecosystem building.

Only Vetted AI Resources

Artificial Intelligence ecosystems are built around scientific advisors. In Canada, 2 of 3 of the Godfathers of AI are in Canada.

Capital is no more the barrier to building AI ecosystems.

Build your AI marketplace

Want to build a scalable AI solution? Want to build an AI leadership team and build your career in AI? You are at the right place!

Support Key Personas

Find AI professionals and experts within the community, benefit from their experience and expertise in the field.

Maximize your impact

Spend your time where it counts. Share ready-to-use reports to demonstrate the impact of your community and easily identify which programs are driving the most results.

Measure your AI ecosystem

Create custom reports to uncover how your community initiatives affect engagement, retention, and more.

Leverage AI Centers of Excellence

Collaborate with vetted AI talents/experts from centers of excellence to improve your skills in the field

Get a 360-degree View of your AI ecosystem

Bring together community activity alongside product usage and revenue data to view all the details that make individual community members unique, all in one place.


Achieving AI goals in NEW JERSEY

What can you achieve in artificial intelligence? Choose your stakeholder path and receive guidance on how to accelerate your goals.


NEW JERSEY stakeholders, we are here to support you to achieve your AI goals. Sign-up and start your AI journey.


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We make Artificial Intelligence ecosystem building open to anyone in New Jersey, United States