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USA ranks 1st in Artificial Intelligence. 1st Talent. 4th Infrastructure. 35th Operating Environment. 1st Research. 1st Development. 17th Government Strategy. 1st Commercial.


DAIMLAS is an expert in AI ecosystem building. We are the world’s only Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Builder marketplace to allow visionary leaders build and manage their physical and virtual ecosystem.

    What is DAIMLAS? DAIMLAS is an expert in AI ecosystem building. DAIMLAS manages and builds artificial intelligence ecosystems. DAIMLAS is the inventor of the proprietary Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Value Network 8 stakeholder model. We are the only software to build and manage AI ecosystems. Governments and large corporations fix their fragmentation with DAIMLAS so they can execute their AI strategies.

    What is an artificial intelligence ecosystem? What is an AI value network?

    An artificial intelligence ecosystem is made up of 8 stakeholders that are upstream resources, downstream channels, and subsidiary resource providers supporting a shared goal within the field to build the next generation of talent to populate ecosystems. In an AI ecosystem there are 8 stakeholders that are made up of AI centers of excellence, scientific advisors, risk capital, institutional capital, AI degree granting universities, other universities, AI students & alumni, other students, practitioners (AI & others), AI entrepreneurs, AI opportunities, AI research labs, AI regulators, AI funding, AI ethicists, AI projects, computation and hardware resources, AI Govt grants, AI data sources, and government representation at the Federal, State, & Local government levels. The common goal is to build the next generation of AI talent, Each resource and stakeholder’s activity adds value to the end goal of this ecosystem. These resources are not compartmentalized or one-to-one, they are relationship nodes that exchange value based on each goal.




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